SAN FRANCISCO: Court backlog means divorce cases take longer to resolve

A recent article from CBS San Francisco has shed some light on a huge problem: California court dockets are massively clogged up with too many cases; that means waiting time to obtain a divorce judgment is getting longer and longer.  Three years for a basic uncontested does not seem unusual. The situation is really appalling, and has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous at this point.  It just smacks of inefficiency that  is way off the charts. According to the authors of the CBS piece:

“These bins of documents represent families where the parties have agreed to get divorced, they’ve agreed to every term of their divorce, but we just haven’t been able to process them because we give top priority to domestic violence cases that involve people’s safety,” said Magda Lopez of Contra Costa County Courts. It’s not just divorces put on hold for months. Across the system, one delay cascades to another. “Like me, it’s now three years to get a hearing on a trial,” said Tony Di Giovanni of Martinez. When hearings get delayed, attorneys file more motions. “And it creates more paperwork,” Lopez said.

It seems that desperate lawyers compound the problem by filing motions in an order to speed things up but this just backs up the system even more. How can they unclog their drains? Might I suggest that they should talk with their San Diego neighbors where recently “one day divorces” have become the new hot thing?