Divorcing a "Narcissist" Ex – by Marye (First Wives World)

The Narcissistic Ex: The importance of having a good lawyer – by guest blogger, Marye (from First Wives World)

Wether you are divorcing a narcissist or are going to court with him for another go-round it’s really, really important to have a good lawyer and to do your homework.

When I filed for divorce I thought I couldn’t afford a lawyer to help me with the wording. I spent under $500 and filled out the paperwork myself. I did pretty good, don’t get me wrong, but some of the language that should have been in there wasn’t. A lawyer would have protected my interests much better than I did, obviously, and I would have saved myself $50,000.00 in debt that I had to pay off. A lawyer would have been much less than that!

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by Marye