Inside Jay Z and Beyonce's $850 million dollar divorce

Is the New York Post a reliable publication or just a tabloid making up its facts? Because they won’t quit with this story about Jay Z and Beyonce divorcing even though all other media such as TMZ and Global Grind and others are more hesitant to join the fray.
What is really going on? Today, the Post claims that the couple is worth roughly $850 million dollars –  just a world tour away from $1,000,000,000.00. The post also claims that the situation is imploding fast with Jay Z and Beyonce and that lawyers on both sides are basically tailing the couple trying to make sure that everybody’s rights get protected. And there are obviously a lot of legal issues – just from the divorce angle alone. (We mentioned some here.)
Apparently, there is no prenup between these two. So Jay Z is apparently trying to control the situation because he does not want Beyonce to do a sit down or write a tell all or cast herself as “victim.”
Chances are, he will have to pay her for her silence if this is all true. And he can afford it. According to the post, he is worth $500 million and Beyonce is worth about $350 million. So he would have to probably let her keep all her money and maybe give her an extra hundred million to put a gag order on her – assuming the Post is not full of it. Is the Post full of it or is this real or what? Guess we will have to wait and see how this thing plays out. My experience is, where there is smoke there is fire. And the way Solange attacked him back in that hotel, it was clear it had to do with a jealousy over another woman who it turns out, again according to the Post, is RIHANNA. But let’s wait and see. Something tells me the truth will be revealed before long.