Michael Strahan dumped Nicole Murphy over prenup dispute?!? How Cheap!

Page Six claims that Live with Kelly and Michael‘s M. Strahan dumped his girlfriend of five years because she refused to sign a prenup. WOW! Unbelievable that a guy like him would allow money to come between him and an incredible beauty like Nicole Strahan.Murphy. Is he dumb or just too cheap to think straight? Where is he going to get a better deal than Nicole Murphy? But then again, it goes both ways. Nicole is also walking away from love on account of money. She must have thought that the terms of the prenup were a raw deal. Either that or she is bluffing. Either way, she is smart. If a prenup is a raw deal, if you do not agree with the contents, NEVER sign hoping to set it aside later. We discussed that very issue here. Better to forego the marriage because there is resentment that will explode if you start off on the wrong foot like that.¬† At the same time, is it really a raw deal or is she being greedy? It is important to strike the right balance. Yet still, if she is just bluffing, I sure hope he loves her enough not to call the bluff; I sure hope this prenup thing wasn’t his way of getting rid of her without having it look like he wanted to get rid of her. ¬† Chances are that in fact, Michael was just cheap. He is protecting his assets which mean more than love to him at this point. He is one of those successful black men who prefer to stay single than risk having to lose money in a divorce. This is a little bit sad for Michael and a little bit sad for Nicole.Poor little sods.