It's a HOAX! The Beyonce Jay-z divorce rumours was masterminded by….

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The more I think about this, the less I believe these divorce rumours about Beyonce and Jay Z. This whole thing is about their tour and drumming up controversy, headlines and conflict. Heck,even the fight with Solange that came just ahead of the launch date of the tour could have been a part of the hoax in my opinion. For all anyone knows, Solange COULD HAVE BEEN paid handsomely for her performance. You have to admit, it worked! I haven’t got the stats but I am willing to wager all the dimes on my bank account that those concerts are sold out. Who was the mastermind behind it? Someone who is a creative genius and who knows what it takes to sell concert tickets for shows like this. I am not naming names but whoever masterminded this is BRILLIANT.
The danger for them is, they could find themselves really divorced right after the tour. THIS TYPE OF THING IS JUST A BAD JINX, FOLKS.