CALIFORNIA: Billionaire Kirk Kerkorian's ex wife Lisa Bonder loses 500K monthly child support case

Tell me something: What is Lisa Bonder Kerkorian smoking? I mean, seriously? This woman married billionaire Kirk Kerkorian about a decade ago and divorced him after 28 days. She then became pregnant with another man’s child and was able to get Kerkorian to agree to pay child support for this child who is not his but is alleged to be the child of another billionaire. We have been covering this story since 2008 and one of her lawyers even wrote to us about it, taking issue with what we said about their client. Now, years later, the child is now a teenager of 16 years old. Lisa was getting 100K per month child support for this child from Kirk (don’t even ask how she was able to do that¬†but she did it) and according to TMZ, she went back to court to get an upward modification to 500K per month.
Now, you tell me: what in the name of the almighty God does a child need with $500,000 per month for child support? I mean, billionaire or no billionaire. What does a child need this much money for?
Apparently, the judge in the case was just as bewildered as I. She declined Lisa’s request and Kirk will continue to pay the child $100,000 per month. Check out TMZ for more on this story.