NEW YORK: Divorcing dad blows up his house with 25 gallons of gas and 40lbs of propane

According to the New York Post Page Six, a seemingly demented guy by the name of Mike MacNeill allegedly blew up his house with a couple of gallons of gas and some propane. He had warned about it on Facebook back in December, according to the Post by writing: “If you’re gonna go out with a bang, might as well do it right with 25 gallons of gas and 40lbs of propane.”  And go out he did – and with a bang. Well, it is not yet certain that he is gone. He is missing and a body was found in the rubble. But for all anyone knows, the person in the house was not even him. MacNeill apparently was in the midst of a contentious divorce with his wife. The couple had a two year old daughter….Things that make you shake your head….Read more at the New York Post.