Marc Leder on how divorce can turn a private equity CEO into a "buck wild" Hugh Hefner

Back in 2009, during the heyday of his divorce from ex wife Lisa Leder, we used to talk about Boca Raton private equity tycoon Marc Leder a lot on Divorce Saloon. But then we kind of forgot all about him and failed to update you guys on his shenanigans post- divorce, including fathering a love child in 2011 (or 2012?) with a former girlfriend. So now he has four kids. Three with ex wife Lisa and one with the ex girlfriend.
At the time of his divorce, he and Lisa were fighting over the value of his private equity outfit, Sun Capital, and, ostensibly, the “equitable distribution” of that asset. Marc had offered Lisa $100 million in settlement but she wanted more so his side revealed that she had bonked the 23 year old tennis instructor they had hired to teach the kids tennis. And they accused Lisaof being “greedy” for not accepting the $100 million settlement Marc offered her.
Fast forward to 2014, we have no idea how they eventually settled that case and how much Lisa walked away. But post-divorce, Marc Leder has gone on to just rack up billions of dollars in private equity for Sun Capital over the years. He has also gained quite a reputation as a lady’s man and “playboy” who throws wild parties in the Hamptons, South Beach, St Barts and New York. He’s gotten himself a killer bachelor pad penthouse in South Beach where, presumably, he can carry out at least some of his “debauchery.” (I believe the Daily Mail referred to his shenanigans as such.)
An article in the Post last year said this about Marc:

After infuriating his neighbors in Southampton this summer with his parties — prompting him to be dubbed “The Hugh Hefner of the Hamptons” — Leder has taken his talents to South Beach, where he settled into his $15 million penthouse this past week after buying it in the spring from Prime 112 owner Myles Chefetz.

A few publications have said he went on a “tear” after Lisa cheated on him and now he is just completely buck wild and out of control with the amount of partying he does and the characters who regularly come to roost at these parties (lots of sexy girls in tight dresses, for example and people performing sex acts in swimming pools – allegedly).
Mr Leder’s reputation precedes him across the globe. The Daily Mail UK reported last year:

This year Mr Leder, whose hedge fund is worth $8bn, has supposedly continued his hard-living ways and partied in the Caribbean island St Bart’s.

He claimed in a recent interview that the idea he spends his life partying is ‘absolutely incorrect’
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But it is not as if that is all he does. He also finds time to contribute to philanthropic causes and write op eds in the Wall Street Journal. And, of course, he continues to buy ailing midcap companies across the globe as if its going out of style. These days, he is worth about $600 million according to some reports, 75% more than he did just 5 years ago when he divorced first and only wife so far, Lisa Leder. This is interesting because usually the argument wives use in order to get a bigger cut of the pie when they divorce is that it is because of their contribution that hubby was able to amass his wealth. But think about it: if that were true then guys like Marc Leder would probably just dry up when they divorce, wouldn’t they? They wouldn’t continue to make money and sometimes even more than they did when they were married – now  that their muse is no longer in the picture. A guy like him could argue: “See, I made my money in spite of her not because of her, so I shouldn’t have to pay her anything close to half!”
That is not the point, obviously. It is about the marital contract and not so much about the muse aspect. But I can totally see how someone like Marc could make that argument…. I digress. This post is about how Marc has gone buck wild after his divorce. He needs to rein himself in a little bit, wouldn’t you concur?