SPAIN: The Curious Divorce rules of Queen Letizia and King Filipe VI of Spain

Queen Letizia of Spain has not been on the throne that long but she has certainly brought youthful vitality to the role especially when juxtaposed against her mother in law Sofia who, though lovely, was well into her seventies and thus maybe not so “newsworthy” as Letizia will be for a voracious public obsessed with young celebrities. Letizia joins a small clique of international royalties such as Kate Middleton, Queen Rania and others who have captivated  royal watchers with their grace, style, skinny bodies and impossibly beautiful children.
But this post is not about that. I was just reading up on Queen Letizia and King Filipe VI’s holiday at their summer home palace on the coast of Spain and to my consternation, I learned that Queen Letizia can never file for divorce from her husband  for any reason. There are no grounds under Spanish law that would allow her to file for divorce from him on account of the fact that he is the Monarch. He cannot be sued or taken to court. This is sheer craziness in my humble opinion. When you consider that she cannot, for any reason, be it domestic violence, adultery or emotional abuse, EVER nor under any circumstances, bring a divorce action against her recently crowned husband (he was coronated in June 2014 after his father Juan Carlos abdicated the throne), while he can divorce her for any reason, you can’t help but be a little stunned. At least the British monarchy has come into the twenty-first century by allowing unhappy royals to divorce!
And then it begs the question if Filipe VI were ever to divorce Queen Letizia, would she be entitled to anything or would he claim that all their assets belong to the Kingdom? Would she have any custodial rights to her two daughters?  Do they have a prenup? What rights if any would she have? I personally think this rule should be constitutionally changed. The right to divorce should be a fundamental right for every person in the world, just like the right to marriage. This should hold true no matter your nationality, lineage, race or religion. And women in particular need to know they have the right to exercise this right especially in the case of abuse. Obviously, Queen Letizia is not an abused woman but what if she was?!?