FLORIDA: Murdered FSU prof Dan Markel + the Jewish divorce "GET" extortion connection

Just when all fingers were pointing elsewhere, it seems the police in Florida have been unearthing even more mysterious clues into the murder of FSU professor Dan Markel. Apparently he was hired as a legal consultant by a group of Jewish defendants who were accused of certainĀ misdeeds in divorce extortion cases in the Orthodox Jewish community, to wit according to the Village Voice in New York:

On Monday, local station WCTV reported that Markel worked on the divorce extortion case.
In that case, which we detailed in a December feature story, New Jersey federal prosecutors accused Mendel Epstein and nine other men of kidnapping and assaulting Orthodox Jewish men who refused to grant their wives a get, the document required for a divorce under Jewish law. The men were arrested in October, following an FBI sting operation. An undercover agent posed as a desperate wife seeking Epstein’s services and recorded their conversations.
The enforcers would beat the man until the man recited the oath in front of a rabbi. According to a transcript of the recorded conversations, Epstein noted that the enforcers sometimes used an electric cattle prod. A civil complaint from the mid-90s claimed that Martin Wolmark, a rabbi from upstate New York, was the rabbi who would take the get oath from the victim and make the divorce official.

This theory and others, including that this was the work of someone who found his blogging on PRAWFBLAWGS objectionable, as well as a possible road rage situation, present many alternatives to the obvious theories that are circulating in everyone’s minds. At this time, the police have not named any suspects and it seems that for now, the case is cold.