TENNESSEE: Rep Scott DesJarlais' decade old divorce at issue in primary

When should a politician’s past history – especially personal history like the détails of a divorce – stay in the past? A New York Times Report about Tennessee Republican who divorced his then wife 10 years ago demonstrates in tawdry détails why certain private matters should remain private in poltical campaigns:

And discussion of Mr. DesJarlais’s personal life continued to swirl around him and his campaign. Days after he won his second term in Congress in 2012, the transcript of his divorce trial from more than a decade earlier became public. The court documents, reported by The Chattanooga Times Free Press, showed that Mr. DesJarlais, a physician, had sexual relationships with multiple women, including patients under his care. (In May 2013, the State Board of Medical Examiners fined and reprimanded him for his associations with two patients.) The records also showed that Mr. DesJarlais, who ran for office as a conservative opposed to abortion rights, endorsed his ex-wife’s decisions to have two abortions before they were married. www.nyt.com

on the other hand, if this guy is a hypocrite, maybe the public has a right to know in order to make an informed decision  about who their elected leaders really are?