Robin Williams divorce quote and other matters….R.I.P

I only remember one movie that Robin Williams acted in. I honestly don’t think I saw any others even though that movie made me a fan of his for life. The movie is Mrs Doubtfire, which, if memory serves me correctly, was about a father who so wanted to be in his children’s life post divorce, he pretended to be an English housekeeper and maid. So convincing was his portrayal that I actually believed, until his death, that he was English. Robin was phenomenal in that movie and did an amazing job of portraying the pain that fathers go through when they lose their wives and children in divorce.
With great sadness I learned of his demise last night (an apparent suicide – asphyxiation) as I was scouting the Internet searching for Divorce stories. I immediately was saddened by the news. Especially the manner in which he died which suggests that he was in a tremendous amount of pain and for a very long time. It is always shocking when someone commits suicide but when it is someone rich and famous like Robin, it is actually bewildering as well. It goes to show that it is not money and fame that makes a person happy. It is not even the lack of money that makes a person unhappy. Rich people can be unhappy and poor people can be happy. It is a question of how the mind chooses to process the data that is passed through it. That is what makes the difference between a person who takes this route and a person who perseveres to the natural end. Life is just data. A lot of it is entered involuntarily but folks need to understand it is just data and then they have to CHOOSE how they will filter and process the data. Done the wrong way, we have tragédies like Robin. Very, very sad.
Robin Williams has been married three times and was married since 2011 to his third wife Susan Schneider. He has had two divorces from his wives Valerie Velardie and Marsha Carces Williams. His most famous divorce quote was “divorce is like ripping a man’s heart genitals through his wallet.”
That speaks volumes about the nature of his divorces from these two women which leaves one to marvel that he went and did it again. So he was not a total pessimist. But in the end, the data just got the better of him and he decided to check out.
We love Robin just for that one movie, Mrs Doubtfire and how he made us laugh and laugh and laugh. RIP our good friend.