HONG KONG: Introducing the divorce capital of Asia + the 'graveyard of marriages'

So, in case you have been living among the sea kelp at the bottom of the ocean, Hong Kong has emerged as the Divorce Capital of Asia and quite frankly, proudly wears its crown. Why? Mainly because like London, the divorce courts in Hong Kong seem to be very efficient and well organized as compared to their contemporaries. Plus, they have a reputation for providing wives (who are usually the spouse with fewer assets and thus more financially vulnerable) with  greater equitable outcomes. Further, like London, people in this corridor of the globe tend to like to forum shop in Hong Kong if they can meet the jurisdictional requirements – just because they believe they will  have better odds.
The South China Morning Post had a very interesting article about divorce in Hong Kong recently, “How the Law is Changing Divorce in Hong Kong the ‘graveyard of marriages.'” It was interesting to know, for example, that in addition to being the Divorce Capital of Asia, Hong Kong is also the “Graveyard of Marriages” – admittedly a heck of a reputation to lug around and maybe not so sexy as being the Divorce Capital. Why? Well, apparently there are tens of thousands of divorces there each year.
But the thing that is really striking about Hong Kong is the extent to which it seems Hong Kong is trying to be London! They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and it seems Hong Kong is imitating London quite shamelessly. They have changed their divorce laws to bring their laws in line with London English law – specifically with regard to prenuptial agreements. Literally, the Hong Kong Courts have expressly decided to follow the English ruling about prenups that was expressed in the Radmacher vs Granatino dictum regarding the enforceability of prenups.
Hong Kong also seems to see a lot of “big money” cases like London does. One of the bigger cases in recent years according to the article was the Florence Tsang case. This case saw the wife walk away with HK 1.22 billion. Indeed, it is apparent from the article that Hong Kong is a much better jurisdiction for women than neighboring countries like the Philippines, Malaysia and China where men tend to favored litigants.
For divorce lawyers who would like a change in venue, Hong Kong is apparently a flourishing jurisdiction where there is a “lot of work” for divorce lawyers and professionals. So if you are a lawyer and think you can waive into the Hong Kong bar (and you are familiar with English law) you may have it made in Hong Kong. For more on this story, link to the South China Morning Post here.