CHINA: Divorce filings limit set to 15 per day in Xian Shaanxi Province

Divorce filings have been limited to 15 per day in Xian Shaanxi Province, China. And people seem to be outraged about the infringement on their fundamental right to marry and divorce. The reason given for this limit is to allow divorcing couples a cooling off/think it over period of time and to slow the rising divorce rate and save families. According to the South China Morning Post, microbloggers in the region are outraged about this daily limit of 15 divorces not only because of the infringement on their fundamental human rights but also because some believe this new ruling (it was instituted 2 years ago) ¬†is really a sneaky way for the government to stop the “fake divorces” that are on the rise. Apparently many married Chinese seek a fake divorce in order to obtain a second property without incurring the property tax and the government would like this to stop. Be that as it may it seems other cities in China are beginning to follow suit but instituting a daily limit for divorce filings.