NEW YORK: Is Elizabeth Vargas' divorce and cheating husband the reason she is an alcoholic?

Behind every divorce alcoholic’s story, is personal tragedy, failure and regret (as well as hurt, pain and anger). What is it that propelled ABC News 20/20 Anchor Elizabeth Vargas down the road to alcoholism? What was the catalyst? Only she really knows. But the folks over at Page Six are speculating that it is all her husband Marc Cohn’s fault. They claim Mark cheated on Elizabeth with Ruth (by the way never trust a woman name Ruth) Zukerman. Ruth apparently was a friend to both Marc and Elizabeth. She met them under the guise of teaching them how to “spin” at her Manhattan studios. (Yeah sure. You should see her pecs!).
Page Six claims that while Elizabeth was in rehab, Marc was having cozy little dinners with Ruth in cozy little Manhattan restaurants and then somebody saw them and tipped off Elizabeth and it was on after that. If Elizabeth was a mess before, now she was an epic mess and she had to return to rehab to recover from the pain.
Elizabeth and Marc, who apparently are going through a divorce,  have two sons together who are under the age of majority. It is apparent that Elizabeth probably won’t get custody of them under the circumstances. Her ex husband will. And if he marries Ruth Zukerman, Ruth will become their step mother and probably play a larger role in their lives than Elizabeth if Marc does win custody. This has got to be a hard pill for Elizabeth and just makes her drink even harder just to think about it. It is surprising that Elizabeth can even hang on to her gig at ABC 20/20. Barbara Walters apparently feels very little sympathy for her and once quipped “we all knew you were hitting the bottle, Darling” when Elizabeth finally came clean and confessed. (Barbara may be getting on in age but she can still be an epic you know what, can’t she?)
So Elizabeth must really be doing a great job for ABC because she has not been fired even though everybody knows she is an alcoholic.
Marc apparently does not want to be blamed for Elizabeth’s resort to the bottle. Indeed, according to the Page Six piece, he intimated that it was her resort to the bottle that precipitated the implosion of their marriage – not his cheating. As a matter of fact, according to Page Six, Marc and Ruth claim to be just friends with without benefits. But if anything, it seems he is suggesting that it was her boozing that drove him to the arms of another woman; it wasn’t the fact that he was in the arms of another woman that drove Elizabeth to go on drinking binges.
Who knows what the truth is? Obviously, if Marc Cohn cheated on his wife while she was in rehab, that was despicable. But if he didn’t and Page Six is accusing an innocent man who “only had one dinner with a family friend,” that is double despicable and the shame is on Page Six.
Alcoholism is a terrible ailment. It is almost better to get diagnosed with something like cancer than to be one of those people who can’t control their need for booze. It is surprising Elizabeth never had slurred speech on the air or stripped off her top while anchoring the program, or something. Alcoholics can just lose ALL their dignity and sense of proportion. That is just  a ridiculous disease. Poor Elizabeth Vargas. Who would wish this on even their worst enemy?
by Anonymous