Has the Black Church failed Black Marriages?

A recent roundtable at our Church centered around the topic of the high divorce rate among African Americans and what we as a congregation can do to be a part of the solution. Everybody had a theory about why the rate of divorce is so high. The reasons ran the gamut from racism to economic hardship to “a sign of the times.” Everybody agreed that the high divorce rate among African American marriages has reached a crisis point. And everybody had a theory. The one reason that was not mentioned was “the leaders.”  This struck me as hypocritical because our own pastor is divorced and he was caught cheating on his wife. Yet how many church sermons did he preach about this very issue? He all but condemned people who “put asunder” marriages bound together by God and yet, what did he end up doing himself?
This is not to condemn the Black clergy by any means because obviously, this type of “sin” has happened in White churches as well. But the divorce rate in the Black community is markedly higher than their White counterparts and so it is necessary to ask why this is. It is unlikely to be just one reason or explanation but certainly a part of the problem is the Church leaders themselves. They are hypocrites, a lot of them and are showing a very bad example to their congregation.
Why is the Black divorce rate so high? Because there is a spiritual guidance breakdown in the Black community. Religious leaders are unqualified to lead because they cannot live the lives and DO NOT live up to the standards they preach from their pulpits every Sunday. So folks do not have a good example to follow. How can people stay married when they go to church and their own pastor is divorced or cheating on his wife? From Atlanta to Houston to New York to Louisiana, it is clear that a huge part of the problem in Black families and marriages is the church leaders whose biographies make them incompetent to lead.   And therein lies a part of the explanation of why the divorce rate for Black marriages is so high in America.
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