5 Reasons Jennifer Lopez Should Put her Vag on Pause

Like Taylor Swift, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez has proven that she is a wanted woman. Men flock to her like bees to a honeycomb and she has hardly ever been single since age 21. As a result, she has had an inordinate amount of lovers and husbands. Her latest, Casper Smart, was unceremoniously dumped by the Latina diva a few months (or weeks) after her divorce from third husband, Mark Anthony (cheating rumors but they were recently spotted driving around in his SUV). The American Idol judge recently appeared on Chelsea Handler lately and told Chelsea that for her, relationships just happen. She just gets a feeling about a guy and that’s it. She goes with her gut. According to Page Six she also said “I am not one to whore around.”
But in using this technique (of going with her gut), she is racking up guy after guy, failed relationship after failed relationship. Ms Lopez ought to take a time out to reflect on what is important to her and what makes a healthy, lasting relationship. There are many role models out there for her to pick from – even in Hollywood. Will and Jada Smith; Ben and Jennifer Affleck; Julia Roberts and Danny Moder; Brad and Angelina and many others. She really needs to review a few pages in their playbook to figure out what she keeps doing wrong.
Nobody is accusing her of “whoring” but in the meantime here are five reasons she might consider “vagging out” a bit:

  1. Set an example for  Emme.

  2. Protect and preserve your physical health (too many partners just is not healthy even if you are a movie star)

  3. Project the right image for a nice, decent guy who will have a long lasting relationship with a nice decent girl like you (and this means do not rack up any more lovers because he could get the wrong idea about your morals).

  4. Taking time to choose wisely shows you are not desperate.

  5. Putting your vag on pause for a bit will make the next time all the more fun.