ARKANSAS: Husband attempts to run over wife with truck after divorce talks go awry

Divorce crimes are becoming almost an essential part of American divorces (and maybe in other countries too.) Today in Arkansas, it is being reported that a man named Robert Washburn was arrested for attempting to run over his wife Debra Washburn with his truck. Luckily for her, he stopped just in the nick of time before she became another statistic. But he claims it was a mistake and his foot hit the wrong pedal or something like that.

According to a Jacksonville Police Department report, Washburn’s wife, Debra Washburn, said the couple agreed to meet Wednesday at a McDonald’s in Jacksonville to talk about their divorce, but her husband showed up with his girlfriend. Debra Washburn told Robert Washburn that his girlfriend could not sit with them, the report noted. Robert Washburn “started to argue with her and said ‘We have nothing to talk about then,’ and walked out the door,” the report said. In the parking lot, Robert Washburn yelled “you are a [ho]” to his wife while he was backing out and she was walking to her car, the report said. “[Debra Washburn] stated that she walked towards [Robert Washburn’s] truck and said ‘No you didn’t,'” the report said, noting Robert Washburn then “drove his truck over a curb and within a foot of her before stopping the truck.” Debra Washburn said her husband “was attempting to run her over,” the report added. A Pulaski County sheriff’s deputy later arrested Washburn at an address in the 8700 block of south Arkansas 161. He reportedly told investigators his foot slipped off the brake. more