NORWAY: Mass murderer Anders Breivik's father to publish book blaming himself and divorce

Anders Breivik is a convicted mass murderer serving 21 years in a Norwegian prison (could be extended if he is still considered to be a danger to society) for murdering 77 people in 2011. The UK Guardian and Telegraph both reported recently that his father Jen Breivik who is now a retired Norwegian diplomat living in the South of France, is expected to author a book about his son. He is also expected to take at least some of the blame for his son’s behavior. The book is entitled My Fault? A Father’s Story. According to the media reports, he was an absentee father, having separated and then divorced from Anders” mother Wenche Breivik when Anders was a very young boy. Anders is described as a “neglected child” following his parents’ separation. But his ex wife Wenche has described him as a “tyrant” as well in another book she had been penning before she died of cancer recently.
Could the parents’ broken marriage really have resulted in this man’s insane act? Can a parent’s divorce and separation   cause a Youngster to grow up to be a serial killer? And if so, what is the takeaway? What to parents need to consider when they purport to end their marriages when there are Young children in the picture?