VIETNAM: New study shows that divorce is up significantly

A recent UN-supported Survey on Divorce in Vietnam shows that divorce is significantly on the rise in this Asian country according to the Shanghai Daily:

 According to a recent survey co-conducted by Vietnam’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the General Statistics Office, and with support from the United Nations Children’s Fund(UNICEF), the number of divorces in Vietnam has increased over the years, from 51,361 cases in 2000 to 88,591 cases in 2010, and 145,791 cases in 2013. As of November 2013, Vietnam’s population had reached 90 million.

The rate of divorce is highest in the cities and there seems to be a 9 year itch with most marriages crumbling after just 9.4 years. Most of the Vietnamese who are prone to divorce seem to be “intellectuals” according to a related study on the issue. What is the root cause of this societal shift in Vietnam? The usual suspects: domestic violence, societal inequality between men and women, and adultery. more