ENGLAND: "Over the Counter" Divorces Coming Soon

Divorce in UK: filed in World Divorce News
The Times UK recently reported that the judiciary in UK wants divorces out of the courts and in national processing centers. Writes the Times:

Couples will soon be able to divorce over the counter in reforms that critics warn will make finalising marriage breakdown like “discarding an old carrier bag”.
The country’s most senior family judge, Sir James Munby, is pressing ahead with measures to take most of the 120,000 divorces a year out of the courts altogether. Instead, people would obtain a divorce at a handful of centres, and eventually at a single national processing centre.

This is an interesting plan but how will it work in all practicality? Lawyers and solicitors are officers of the court, not of “national processing centers.” So when divorce is taken out of the courts and flung into national processing centres, what does this mean for divorce solicitors exactly?  Are they all out of a job? Can lay people now set up “divorce processing & consulting” businesses? This almost sounds a little bit crazy.