How to spot when you are heading for divorce: 5 key "sensors" to look for

Want to know if your spouse is thinking about divorce? That is easy. Just open up your five senses!

  1. Listen to what they are saying and not saying for any differences in tone and sentiment. Remember that speech can be nonverbal. Silence itself is speech. You can say a lot with your silence.
  2. Look at your spouse; look into your spouse’s eyes; look at your spouses face. Observe their gait. Observe how they look when they are communicating with you. Look at the way they are dressing or not dressing lately. Observe them when they don’t realize you are watching. Is there love in their stance? Or something else? What is different? Be brutally honest with yourself.

  3. Scent is very important. Does your spouse smell markedly different? And what is the odor that is coming up? What do you think it means?

  4. Taste your spouse when your spouse kisses you. Is the taste sweet? Does kissing your spouse make you feel like you have been eating liver? Is your spouse tasteless?

  5. The sense of touch is one of the most important between two people who are married. Does your spouse’s touch leave you cold? Do you sense that your touch leaves your spouse cold? Is the touch of your spouse tender on your body? Is it filled with lingering desire? Or can you tell from the way your spouse touches you that he or she does not give a damn?