TENNESSEE: Judge refuses to hear "gay" divorce

Frederick Borman v Kevin Pyles-Borman
Family Lawyer Magazine reports that a judge in Tennessee has refused to give full faith and credit to a gay couple’s Iowa marriage and thus has refused to hear their divorce case:

A same-sex couple was denied the ability to divorce in their residing state of Tennessee by a judge citing state law. Roane County Circuit Judge Russel E. Simmons Jr. declined a request to divorce for two men who were married four years ago in Iowa, because Tennessee does not recognize same-sex marriage.
Judge Simmons’ ruling upholds the voter-passed Tennessee marriage law that says marriage can only be between a man and a woman. Additionally, Tennessee state law considers out-of-state gay marriage to be “void and unenforceable.” more

The judge defends his position by saying the US Constitution does not require him to give this marriage any respect. The couple plan to appeal.