The Slave Wife: How to escape a "trafficked" marriage

Usually, people (usually women and children) are trafficked as sex workers and domestic aids. But not always. Human trafficking is becoming a huge global problem that has reached the institution of marriage. A lot of mail order brides and illegal immigrants right here in America (and elsewhere in the world) have found themselves chained to a spouse who treats them like slaves. Literally. Most of the victims are foreigners who probably got themselves ensnared by the hope of obtaining a greencard from the marriage only to arrive in this country and then be subjected to involuntary servitude. Often they are not allowed to even leave their homes; they don’t speak very good English and their spouse takes their travel documents. They are completely dépendent on this person for their sustenance and thus do not want to do anything – like complain to authorities – for fear it will rock the boat and get them deported.
These women are repeatedly raped; beaten and sometimes starved, and kept almost completely isolated from the outside world. They get points for good behavior though and it is through this pavlovian manipulation that their spouse keeps them under control. Usually they have no access to a computer, no cash and no  contacts. So it is not like they can read up on the Internet how to escape their captors. Their only hope is to wait for an opportune moment when their spouse (usually a husband) is sleeping, defecating, or taking a shower and make a run for it – usually in the middle of the night because the longer they are held captive, the more likely such a moment will present itself when their captor’s defenses are down. Obviously, they have to refrain from committing crimes like bashing this guy in the head to get an advantage but usually in order to escape, they will have to consider some desperate measures otherwise they could remain trapped in that horror for the entire lives. Best case scenario is to call the police but some of these girls don’t even know how to dial 911 and even if they do, they have no access to a telephone.