NEW YORK: The Carnegie Deli Divorce Chronicles of Marian & Sandy Levine

Marian Levine is apparently not very happy with her divorce Judge, the Honorable Matthew Cooper of New York County Supreme Court. She wants, and the judge has declined to give her, a downward modification of the alimony spousal support order which right now is approximately $12k per month that she is forced to pay her estranged husband Sandy Levine, pending the finalization of their divorce – a situation that is the result of his alleged adulterous romp with a deli waitress at their Manhattan deli. Page Six
From a legal standpoint it is interesting because Marian inherited the Deli from her father who apparently started the deli back in the 1930s so it is unclear why it is being treated as part of their marital assets. That might be because she has commingled it and she and Standford ran the deli for many years prior to his taking up with his Thai lover according to media reports.
Marian also wants to have the lover removed from a rent stabilized apartment in a building she owns. It seems Standford gave the woman a sweetheart deal on the lease – 15 years for $900 per month on an apartment worth $3000 per month. Can she legally evict a tenant from a rent stabilized apartment Under these circumstances? Apparently Marian is claiming that the apartment was acquired with false documents since the woman used her deceased sister’s papers to obtain the apartment. It would seem that the lease should be rescindible on that basis alone, but the courts will probably consider other factors than just her illegal status in determining if she should be evicted from the apartment.
Surely both she and Sandy have been fired from Carnegie Deli but with $12K per month in Alimony he can put them both up in some posh digs elsewhere if push comes to shove in this situation. Stay tuned.