Will Jennifer Lawrence's nude pics cause Cris Martin to lose ALL respect for her?

It is no secret that we at Divorce Saloon are Team Gwyneth/Cris and that the idea of Cris Martin leaving a class act like Gwyneth Paltrow to shack up with Jennifer Lawrence basically made us cringe. We have to admit, however, that when we wrote that Jennifer Lawrence was not “ladylike” enough, nothing like these nude shots was even factored into our calculus. It was just the talk of stds, and public insobriety, falling to the ground at awards events while dressed in beautiful, expensive ballgowns and boasting of imbibing more than 10 jello shots at a time, that made us want to barf.
We had no idea this stuff about nude shots would have come out and that the photos would be so damning.
Taking nude shots of oneself in the privacy of one’s home with one’s significant other and then having that splashed all over the Internet and social media by hackers, believe it or not, is not something we condone or judge Jennifer Lawrence or anybody else for. Weirdly, in spite of the magnitude of the public humiliation she must obviously be suffering due to the almost pornographic nature of the shots, (and of course, these were not very “ladylike” at all)  we can forgive her for this misstep much more than we can for her other missteps. Because she did not knowingly and intentionally volunteer these images for public consumption. Somebody else did. Somebody else was that was bad guy here. Unlike the other occasions where this was her own wanton, and inappropriate behavior that she CHOSE to display in public.
Be this all as it may, where does this leave Jennifer and her reported love affair with Gywneth’s husband? People seem to forget that Gywneth and Cris are not yet divorced and so he is still Gwynnie’s husband even though they talked about being “consciously uncoupled” in March. Cris subsequently has been rumored to be dating Jennifer and the story first broke, presumably in the New York Post Page Six. But assuming no nude shots of Gwyneth surfaces in the near future (oh god help us) then Gwyneth definitely would seem more like wife material for Cris and anything he has with Lawrence would be relegated to a roll in the sack at this point. He won’ be able to help it.
But maybe he is more open-minded and less judgmental. Maybe he won’t lose ALL respect for her but will recognize that in the case of the nude shots (vis a vis the jello shots) it was not Jennifer’s fault.  But this will be hard even under the best of circumstances. Few men would be able to see the girl’s point of view in a situation like this. He may not want to lose respect for her, but there is a very good chance that he will.
Because why did she take these in the first place? Who took them? When were they taken? It is almost too much information for any self-respecting gentleman to digest.
Jeeze. We feel bad for Jennifer just like we feel Bad for Joan Rivers (who seems to have hated Gwyneth.). Strange things seem to happen when folks walk askance on Paltrow’s turf, doesn’ it? Somebody is looking out for that girl.