Jasmine Tridevil – the three-breasted woman – has suffered divorce trauma?

A completely nutso woman in Florida has gotten surgery to insert a third breast into her chest cavity. She is all over social media posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and she is set to appear on Jimmy Kimmel and Inside Edition and a bunch of other shows to chat about her decision. She claims to have done this to make herself unattractive to men because she is sick of it. She is sick of men, dating and relationships and her heart has been broken one too many times so she just spazzed out and added a third breast to make them leave her the devil alone!
And you know what? It totally makes complete sense. But I am afraid that it is going to backfire in terms of her attraction to at least some men out there. Once they get over the freakiness of the thing, they are going to be turned on by this and want to date her just for the opportunity to fondle her third girl. And it’s pretty sick, I tell ya. It is pretty sick.
Jasmine needs help and we hope the poor child gets it.