Amber Rose Divorce: Was Wiz Khalifa's wife Just a Cheating Gold Digger?

Amber Rose’s divorce-shock ripples through the hip hop community
The announcement was made a couple of days ago but frankly I was on a business trip and didn’t have time to talk about it. I am still indisposed but I thought I would put in my three cents worth real quick. The hip hop community seems to be reeling about this divorce announcement by Amber Rose that she is seeking a divorce from husband Wiz after one year and two months of marriage. Apparently she is claiming irreconcilable différences but rumor on the street (well, it is more than rumor since Amber tweeted it herself) is that Wiz cheated on her. He is saying she cheated as well.  Is she dating Mariah Carey’s ex Nick Cannon?  Amber sees him as another catch for sure but she would much rather Russell Simmons if she can get her hands on him, or Jay Z if he hurries up and dumps Beyonce. Diddy isn’t a bad deal either…. I digressed…
The question is, who is the mystery woman (or man) Wiz cheated with? Has anyone got a photo of this or pondered the answer? Another digression….
It is not hard to understand why Amber has gained the dubious reputation of gold digger in this situation. One only has to take a good look at the two of them – her and Wiz – to doubt the sincerity of this “love.” Love had nothing to do with that marriage. This was an opportunity for Amber and she ran with it. For her troubles, she is expected to get roughly one million dollars in settlement according to the prenup, and child support too if Wiz relinquishes custody of their infant son Sébastian. She doesn’t need it now, though. She can make a lot more with her own TV deals and book deals from her new business collaboration with Nick Cannon’s management company. She wants to be the next Kim Kardashian. But better; cause she can twerk. Have you ever seen this Amber twerk? I saw her twerk on YouTube one timeafter Wiz’s album sales went crazy and I swear it could NOT have been authentic. It was a GIF or something. Nobody’s ass can do THAT, can it?….
Does Amber really want custody of Sébastian, though? The jury is out. Having Sébastian will mean additional child support. But he is also a huge responsibility that could impede her climb to the top. Amber probably will use reverse psychology here. If she acts like she wants custody, Wiz will likely cut her a deal and take his son. This will probably be fine with Amber.
But is she a gold digger? No not really. She is a beautiful strategist. She has the right set of “assets” to get away with it. She is no Robin Givens such that even when people see what she is up to, she will get a free pass because she has the right “look.”
Amber once said that a woman should be “paid for her beauty.” Looks like her payday has arrived.   Congratulations, sister.