Single women v divorced women: Who needs more protection?

Single, never married women of a certain milieu in New York are buying up pricey real estate in Manhattan as if it is going out of style at the same time that lot of recently divorced women are having to downsize and reduce their standard of living. It is an interesting phenomenon and it begs the question whether single, never married women are on average more financially secure than married women who later divorce? And if so, why might that be?
It would appear that in society, divorced women are a more “protected” class than single women. There are more government funded studies that examine the plight of divorced women and their children than there are of single women and their children, for example. More is made of the fact that there are income and wealth disparities between divorced men and their former wives than is made of income disparities between men and their former female lovers, for example. In other words, no one seems to care about a single woman’s financial struggles but much is made of the financial struggles of divorced women.
But in a way, this seems to have made many single women hardier than their divorced counterparts. Many more single women appear to have embraced their independence than once married women. Indeed, divorced women are almost infantilized by society and are programmed to think that without their husbands’ financial support, they can’t survive. So for a lot of these women, marriage is really their banking institution. It really is how they plan on funding their retirement; thus when divorce happens, they become  desperate and unhinged about their maintenance and alimony rather than having a mindset that they can or should fend for themselves. And society adds to the problem by overprotecting this class of women.