Generation Kleenex push global divorce rates to an all time high

Has Marriage become just like a “Kleenex” in contemporary society?
Are we “Generation Kleenex”? I am not sure where the term “generation kleenex” came from (France?) but it sure looks like more and more people around the world are on its bandwagon giving this term new gravitas. It is not just about the politial implications that originally was at the root of it in some parts of the world, like in France. This term is also applicable to divorce and relationships in contemporary society since divorce is so ubiquitous.  Marriage is like a soiled kleenex for a lot of people. It used to be in the olden days, folks really thought long and hard about getting divorce and it was such a big scandal that a lot of them just stayed married even when they stopped feeling each other. But nowadays, that is all changed. Marriage and divorce is a contact and spectator sport, as disposable as a cotton tissue, acquired and discarded as easily as a sneeze. All over the world, this is true at least to an extent even though in some countries it is probably more pronounced than in others. And now that same sex couples can marry and divorce in a lot of countries, the number of “kleenexes” is going to go even higher because they seem even more inclined than heterosexuals to just end it the moment they encounter a snag in the fabric. The Kleenex Generation has really given marriage a whole new dimension.