Does your ethnicity affect how you are treated in divorce and family court?

This question of race and ethnicity and how litigants are treated in family court was recently raised in a conversation I was having with someone. Granted it was mostly about ethnicity and not race which is a different question. But the two are so intricably intertwined that I am not sure they can be separated in this context. But it does raise very interesting and important questions how ever you look at it.
For example, can Blacks and Hispanics expect the same treatment in divorce and family court as, say, Asians? Do Jewish people feel that they are treated differently from Christians? Are Muslims on the same footing as Jews? Can a person with a Caribbean accent expect the same justice as a person with a British accent in, say, Brooklyn Family court or even a UK family court?  Does a Russian immigrant get the same treatment in a London family court? What about an American in a French family court? How do they fare?
I guess the bigger question is: Is family law and family courts color blind to différences in race, culture, language and national origin? or Does  ethnicity change expectations and outcomes? And is it better or worse depending on where you are and who you are, what you look like and how you sound?