Should you demand a divorce if someone else's "privates" ends up on your spouse's cell phone?

Ahem.  Give me a second, I am giggling….omg….
I got this idea for this post because I was reading somewhere about an American TV show produced by Shonda Rimes called How To Get Away With Murder (Shonda seems to have created a lot of interesting top rated TV shows in America including one called Scandal starring Kerry Washington – in case you never heard of her – but unfortunately I do not have a television and thus have never seen any of these shows). Anyway, I am told that there was a recent episode  where a character winds up dead and apparently an image of another character’s penis was found on the cadaver’s cell phone. So the guy to whom the penis belonged was asked “why is your penis on [such and such’s] cell phone?” I thought that was incredibly hysterical and not just a little bit titilating to boot. I mean can you imagine the horror? If it was your penis?
So, I wondered, “heck, what if this really happened to someone? Or better yet, what if there is no cadaver but nevertheless, somebody else’s private parts are found on your spouse’s cell phone? Can your marriage survive this?”
I am thinking that there is no marriage anywhere, no matter how open it professes to be, that could survive this. Talk about a picture speaking a thousand words! For a spouse to actually photograph the privates of their lover and paramours and put it on their cellphone (and god forbid in the clouds) it just says it all: There is no respect there for their marriage or their spouse. It is one thing to have an affair, but to photograph the privates of another?!? Oh my god. This is more than scandalous. I just don’t know what that is….wait a second. Actually, I could be wrong. I just had an insight.  It could be a selfie! It is not that the spouse photographs the other person. It probably is the other person who photographs themselves and sends it to your spouse! It is this selfie generation! It is that thingy that celebs like Kim Kardashian do all the time. They photograph themselves and send it to other people’s boyfriends and husbands!
So should you divorce your spouse if someone sends him or her a selfie of their privates? Hme…Well, this is obviously not funny and it is even slightly gross just to think about it now that I have digested the whole thought. If a woman sends a married man a selfie of her naked vajayjay or a man sends a selfie of his naked penis, this is gross and it is completely demonic. But it does happen and it is not really the fault of the receiver. So should someone divorce their spouse under these circumstances? Or just confront the sender? Or what? How does one handle the selfie of someone’s crotch on their spouse’s cell phone? Cause I am thinking this is just too much. It is one thing if your spouse goes off the reservation from time to time but the sending or receiving of crotch shots is just is way out of bounds. Or am I just a prude? What do you think?