NEW YORK: Should rich parents who admit to recreational drug use lose their kids?

Sage Kelly v Christina Di Mauro
Affluent divorcing New York couple Sage Kelly and Christina Di Mauro might be a case study in New York’s double standard when it comes to parental drug use and custody.  Leave it to the New York Post Page Six to enlighten us about this case of this millionaire healthcare investor and his stay-at-home wife who are battling for custody of  their two young daughters. Apparently both have accused the other of using drugs like mushrooms and cocaine as well as other hallucinogenics and it appears that both have admitted to some drug use, if not all the drugs they have been accused of using by the other. (The wife also accuses the husband of covorting with hookers but that is ultra vires and not relevant to this post). The husband also contends (and apparently he secretly recorded the wife in the act) that the wife drinks abusively in front of their kids.
The New York Supreme court has  granted temporary custody of the girls to their father. The question is whether either father or mother in this case should obtain custody of these children or whether the Association for Children’s Services “ACS” and the courts should step in and put the kids in Foster care – at least temporarily – or even maybe grant temporary custody to a guardian (with supervised visitation for both parents) till they both dry out and promise never to touch drugs again till their kids are grown and out of the house. The courts should have a zero tolerance for this type of behavior when the welfare of minor children is at stake. It just seems like if these people were not so affluent, this case would be handled differently. But just because these parents are rich does not mean it is in the best interest of the children to leave them with parents who admit to using hard recreational drugs, especially if the use is in front of the kids.