Oklahoma: Sue Ann Hamm to get 7 million per MONTH in divorce settlement + property settlement

CNN reports that billionaire oilman Harold Hamm, 68, (what is the relevance of this man’s age, for chrissakes and why did I include it?) has been ordered to pay his lovely wife of 26 years Sue Ann nearly 1 billion in settlement of their divorce dispute. What this boils down to is a heftly downpayment of about 25 million and then monthly payments over 7 million PER MONTH till he pays her close to one billion smackeroos!
That’s hardly the biggest divorce settlement on record, but it is huge nevertheless and I think not just a little bit crazy. What is this poor woman going to do with all this money? Drown herself?  Here is a breakdown of some of what they each got according to CNN. This is just the assets part:
Sue Ann got $25 million in assets, including:

  • The family home, located in Nichols Hill, Okla., valued at $4,675,000
  • A ranch in Carmel Valley, Calif., valued at $17.5 million
  • A home in Enid, Okla., valued at $800,000, which the couple bought in 1989, a year after they were married

Harold was awarded $2 billion in assets, much of it related to the business. His assets also include:

  • A home in Branson, Mo., valued at $750,000
  • The Continental Tower North, valued at $4.3 million
  • iaTwo horses from the California ranch, Star and Uno, valued at about $400,000

Harold also asked for photos, guns and a bunch of other memorabilia and Sue Ann has agreed to give him these items. But wow. Can you imagine getting seven million dollars per month coming into the bank??? For heavens sakes, what the heck are these people talking about? Ya know? It makes me feel a bit queasy when you consider the state of my checking account – all joking aside. But in the end, who is the bigger “loser” in this case? Who lost the most? Harold or Sue Ann? He obviously can find another girl if he wants. Even one in her twenties. And Sue Ann? Will she find another sugar daddy like this in her lifetime? Or will she just become a sugar mama, like, say, Ivana Trump?