CALIFORNIA: Halle Berry sues Gabriel Aubry over daughter Nahla's hair!

Should Gabriel Aubry lose custody of his daughter with Oscar Winning Actress Halle Berry? Apparently the Monster’s Ball actress sued her ex paramour over their daughter’s hair!
Gabriel apparently dyed the child’s hair to a shocking blond hue without getting permission or agreement (they have joint custody) from Halle. Halle went to court to talk it over.
Was this a big deal? Halle certainly thought it was huge. She felt that he was trying to mask the child’s African heritage and ethnicity under a fabricated blonde mane – thereby even stamping out Halle’s identity and role as mother! Should he lose custody for something like this? Is this important? Is the child’s psychological interest at risk?
The court did not think so but the court did order both Halle and Gabriel to refrain from changing Nahla’s natural Brown locks till the child is of an age to consent to the change.
What is my opinion on this? A colleague in Connecticut alerted us to this story and wanted to know our opinion. She has a similar case involving a white mother and black father where the white mother chemically relaxed the 2 year old’s hair (she claims “other black moms advised her to do it.”) This hair business seems particularly problematic in interracial couplings. Obviously the child who is mixed race has a different hair type to a child who is not. People who choose to have mixed race children need to be sensitive to this difference, in my opinion. The Connecticut mom, according to my contact in Connecticut, felt it was “abusive” to leave her child’s hair in a “kinky mess.” But my view is she should have thought about that before having kids with someone whose hair was different from hers because this kink is genetic. It gets passed on to children and by then, it is too late to impose your own vanity and issues on the kids. I thought she could have done a better job at being a mother and left her child’s hair alone. That would have send sent a very positive message to her two year old.
I also think what Gabriel did was certainly incredibly insentitive on a number of levels. Hair is obviously a very sensitive issue in the Black community, as noted. Black hair is different and it is a part of the ethnic identity of black people. He should have known better than to do something like that – changing the child’s hair to platinum blond. It actually says a lot about how he is thinking – which is a tiny bit disturbing. He probably did it to annoy Halle and send her a message but he is also doing damage to his daughter’s psyche – which could be viewed as a sign of parental neglect and abuse. He should be careful next time. This is not the way to get back at Halle.