The Bill Cosby SEX Scandal: Will wife Camille seek a divorce after 51 years of marriage?

The rumors have gone into fantasmogorical overdrive that Bill Cosby was an epic cheat and possibly even a sexual predator who preyed on helpless single women with drug-enhanced cappucinos – indeed he made a career of it – for more than 50 years. After 51 years of marriage to a “roving eyed” lothario, has wife Camille finally reached her limit? bill cosby flickr
Clearly, some of these women are bare-faced liars. Some are exaggerating for dramatic effect. And one or two are probably telling the truth.  The man loved the ladies and frankly the ladies loved the man.  They probably thought they could have gotten him to dump his wife. And marry them. And he didn’t. Not so far. That must have stung at least some of them. Beverly Johnson for example: did she NOT know this man was married when she purported to skip-to-my-loo with him ALONE in a hotel room or wherever it was that she claims he nearly manhandled her? What did she think was going to happen when they were all alone in this cozy venue? What. He was going to teach her the ways of the Cathechism? Or was she secretly hoping for some karma sutra? Let’s talk frankly here. Why did she go off alone with a married man??? Curiousity about his decorating skills???
TV personality Kathie Lee Gifford helpfully weighed in in defense of the funnyman but in the most conveniently two-faced way. “Oh, and he made us cappucinos….it is ugly…..he had such a legacy….he tried to kiss me….I said no, Bill, we are friends….” Bill and Camille are probably thinking: “Thanks for your support, Kathie Lee but now, will you kindly shut up?”
The 2008 ALLEGED situation in the Playboy Mansion could clearly be problematic for the embattled funnyman because, conveniently for the accuser and her attorney, it falls within the statute of limitations.  It is mouth-watering, to be sure, when they think of the potential settlement they could extract from his coffers. She can pay off her credit card debts; he can buy new wheels…. They are rubbing their palms, frenetically…
Bill should NOT settle this case. It would set a VERY bad precedent, open the floodgates of other would be accusers and forever define him and his legacy.  No, Mr. Cosby, you have got to call the bluff with this one. Make her PROVE it – unless there is a lewinsky-esque dress. If you believe that a dress exists, settle quickly. If you know it doesn’t, go through the horror of a court proceeding (trust me it is already as horrible as it will POSSIBLY be) and let it be demonstrated that the accuser is a liar – which will probably surprise no one. Except if it is true? But it can’t be. Why wait eight years? Weird! It is not like you were a priest.
But. Camille. Does it really matter if Bill Cosby cheated on his wife? Is this a basis for divorce after 51 years? Many of Camille’s friends are helpfully suggesting that she could do better. One of them told the New York Post that “Camille did not need Bill Cosby he needed her. I don’t know why she stays.” Yea, sure, Camille. But don’t be surprised if no sooner has the ink dried on your divorce decree than this same adviswhore is shacking up in your bed, with your husband, with a diamond ring on her finger! Yes, Camille, they are jealous and want your life! Even with this scandal, which one of them would say no to the prenup payoff if he offered?
Bill Cosby had a roving eye and roaming hands, no doubt. His grubby little paws have clearly caressed the breasts of many willing women who were not his wife. I say willing because there is no way that so many women remained silent for so long. There clearly are liars in the stew. How many liars? What percentage? Who the heck knows? 100% for all anybody knows.  It’s hard to believe, though, he had what he had at home yet he went out there and picked up so much  déchet – exhibit A: Janice Dickinson. Really, Bill?
In the end, he was wrong to commit adultery against such a beautiful wife but right to remain silent againt these accusers and a voracious, judgmental public only too eager to topple a man like him. STAY SILENT, BILL. EVENTUALLY THEY WILL TIRE. Why do you think Hillary stayed with Bill? But brace yourself for the lawsuits which will be concocted like those alleged drug-enhanced cappucinos – a mile a minute – now that the first one got through the door.
photo: Flickr creative commons