AJC 2015 "Celebrity" divorces list is more a function of "who the hell are these people"!?

The Atlanta Journal Constitution tried to put together a sort of “celebrity divorces” list of the year like we used to do on this site a few years back in our heyday and it just stank! (the list, not the AJC)! It’s like what the bleep?! Where are the celebrities?!? We looked at the list and it was like, who are these people?? Okay, we recognized Susan Sarandon (who wasn’t even married(!) to the adolescent she was with for a number of years; and Elon Musk (we were not even aware he had  remarried his second wife Tallulah two years ago!) and a couple of other “D” list stars like Rosie O’donnell (and yes, we were likewise unaware she had divorced the new wife (what the heck is wrong with that woman) but the rest of them? About 20 or so on a list of 29 or so? Who the hell are these people? Seriously? It’s like “K” list celebrities! Or is it us? Have we been living under a rock? Or are these folks really not “celebrities” at all.