LAS VEGAS: Steve and Elaine Wynn in post-divorce scramble for their hotel's board

CNN is reporting that there is a scramble by Steve and Elaine Wynn for Wynn Resorts, a publicly traded company. Well, maybe it is not that dramatic because the parties apparently have a divorce decree in which they agreed that Steve will always have Elaine’s back on the board of directors of Wynn. But apparently, other board members want to kick her off the board in April when her term expires and she pretty much has declared war because she wants to stay on the board.
This is the scary thing about forming successful companies with a spouse who then becomes your ex and on top of it, runs off and marries a much younger heavily accented foreigner as Steve did in this case. To be fair, the Wynns gave it a go twice and have been twice married and divorced and it does not look like Elaine has (or had) any hard feelings against her husband – at least not until now. (She probably thought be now he would have divorced the other woman and come crawling back to her but it does not look like that has happened. At least not yet.) But she definitely wants to stay in the loop with Wynn and she wants to keep her place on the board. I wonder why she did not make that a permanent appointment in her divorce decree? Maybe you can’t do that with a publicly traded company? It just seems like such a glaring aping loophole to have left open that I wonder why her lawyers did not tie up this loose end at the time of the divorce?
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