UKRAINE: Sexy selfies by political wife Alyona Politukha leads to divorce

It’s getting hot in the Ukraine! And it’s not Putin’s fault. It is Alyona Politukha’s so called “obsession” with posting near-nude photos of herself on the internet that darned nearly broke the internet, and recently cost her her marriage to her hottie Ukranian politician husband, Aleksandr Politukha. See the deep, unflushable shizzo you can get yourself into when you start to think you are Kim Kardashian? Sure, Kanye can put up with this nonsense but when you are supposed to be a respectable woman living a respectable life as a respectable politician in a respectable society, for heaven’s sakes please do not disrobe and show off your breast implants in this unbecoming manner! For heaven’s sakes!
But say one, say two, the girl is hot! Check out these pics if you are not convinced. And it really was Aleksandr’s fault that she is doing this because he probably wasn’t giving her enough attention and was too busy with his political career trying to run Ukraine. Although, this could all be a ploy (this¬†meaning the divorce) to get international attention and strengthen his campaign. It is all about brand recognition and fame and strengthening his campaign and getting the commisuration vote. International fame, that is. This is what he thinks will win him √©lections. It is a mystery why anyone would scramble to rule a place like Ukraine right now with everything that is going on but that is beyond the scope of this article. Suffice to say that Alyona is one hot babe and due to this hotness factor she has plunged herself into deep unflushable shizzo because now her husband to divorce her for exposing herself in this international venue which means now she is going to be even more famous and will get a reality show on the Real Housewives and everybody will know that in fact, he was a dud in bed.
But seriously, what are the legal issues with this situation? Is the Ukraine a no fault jurisdiction or does this guy have to prove grounds?