Should all recently divorced women get cardio vascular screening as a matter of routine?

Don’t judge me for quoting Fox News but they recently did this report about how studies are linking cardio vascular problems in women to their recent divorces.¬† You can read the article here
My interpretation is that women’s hearts don’t handle heartbreak as well as men’s hearts. And even if these women remarry it seems the pain still lingers and the stress on the heart is still there, as compared to men who just move on, remarry and forget the whole failed marital debacle ever even happened in the first place.
What is the solution? Well, women should probably get screened for cardio vascular problems when recently divorced as a matter of routine -first step. Second step, women probably need to focus on being more independent during marriage because the study suggests that it is the economic loss of that second income and the change in their social status that most stresses women after a divorce and gives her palpitations. But if women are not so dependent on their husband’s financial security in the first place, their hearts may not accelerate so fast when they realize they now have to fend for themselves.
But also, women are more likely to be defined by their marriages than men are and so when that implodes, they feel a loss of identity that manifests in an accelerated heart beat. What is the solution? Jennifer Aniston. She is not defined and was not defined by her marriage and when the marriage ended, she carried on without skipping a beat and she has been perfectly fine a decade later and looking young and fresh to boot.
And she always said “I am not defined by that relationship.”
This is they key to having a post-divorce pulse rate that is normal. Not being defined by your marital Relationship. This is capitale.