ITALY: Big change in Italian Divorce laws!

Italians needing to divorce can rejoice. Finally, the country’s legislators have seen the light. They realize and accept that divorce is reality and have decided to make the process less arduous and bureaucratically challenging. What that boils down to is that whearas Italians had to wait 3 years for a divorce  to be granted, now they only have to wait between six months and one year (if the divorce is contested.) In reality, most Italians were not waiting the 3 years required by law. They were setting up résidences in other EU countries like Romania (according to a Reuters article) and then getting their quickie divorces that way. But at least now they can save themselves the train fare and post office box expense and get their divorce on their home turf.
Apparently and quite properly, the Catholic Church is not happy with this evolution. They feel it is a downward slide for families. However, they knew it was a losing battle and did not even put up a fight. And really, this was a smart move on their part. Nothing better than giving oneself a reality check.  Read more of the Reuters article here.