Can Sherri Shepherd win custody of son with Lamar Sally???

Is there a snowball’s chance in hell that Sherri Shepherd could win custody of her surrogate son, Lamar Sally Junior?
Now that Lamar Sally, TV writer ex husband of Sherri Shepherd, has won the court battle against the former the View chat host –  namely to have her declared the legal mother of the child born to a surrogate – can Sherri now turn the tables on him by having the court grant her sole custody of the little tyke? This is obviously a crazy question given that there is so much bad blood and given that Shepherd allegedly wanted nothing to do with the child.
Drama .Drama. Drama.
But think about it: if she is the legal mother for purposes of child support can the court then turn around and say she has no right to custody? Wouldn’t that be a bit hypocritical?  You cannot declare someone a parent just to get their money. If she is the mother, she is the mother. Mothers have presumptively equal rights to custody of their children as fathers. Now, if I were her lawyer, I would be looking to turn the tables on Lamar Sally.
Why? Because he thinks he has it made. He is  looking a bit smug and he will get the shock of his life if the court were to determine that in fact, the child is better off in Shepherd’s custody. It is unlikely to happen, but it is not impossible.
For sure, Sally can argue that he is the only parent that the child has ever known and that taking the child away and awarding residential custody to Shepherd would not be in the child’s best interest – especially given that Shepherd wanted nothing to do with the child and had to be “declared” the mother. This is a big point in his favor.
But is it a slam dunk? First of all, Sally is just a little bit suspicious because usually guys like him try to evade child support and custody of their kids. And that is not to stereotype the guy but it is very curious what a devoted dad he seems to be and one has to wonder whether he would be so devoted if Sherri didn’t have money? What if this were Sherri’s egg and another man’s sperm and he as the one with the money? Same degree of devotion do you think? Or would be be trying to wriggle out of responsibility? We will never know.
But beyond that, Sherri has another son who could be a brother to this child and who could therefore create a type of familial security and structure that Sally’s household  probably does not possess. This is a big point in Sherri’s favor and arguably she should exploit it. Plus, she has the time to be an at home mom now that she has been canned from the View. She can give the child a lot of attention and really take care of his wellbeing and welfare.
She should not completely ignore the arguments she made about Sally setting her up with this surrogate situation, knowing his intention to dump her and try to extract  21 years of child support. If she has evidence, even if it is circumstantial, she should deal that card and play it hard. She was culpable, of course, and never should have gotten involved in this situation (one would not want to call her a “dumb fç&K” or anything because it would be too harsh, but…); but the child is here and the child has to be cared for and she IS the mother according to the court and a mother is a mother is a mother.
Besides, she can argue that he is a father with unclean hands and if she is able to persuade the court, then she may be able to win custody. Not just because his hands are unclean but that under the totality of circumstances, that the boy is better off with her and Jeffrey – with visitation to Sally.
What a huge bleeping upset and shock that would be for Sally. He would obviously appeal but Sherri should defy the court to force motherhood on her but then strip her of motherhood rights by denying her custodial rights for no other reason than she challenged Sally’s alleged ploy to get her on the hook for 21 years of child support.
Look, I have no clue how she could frame this thing. But I bet an intelligent lawyer can come up with something and can even win custody for Shepherd and that would be a little bit hilarious.