The desperate reason that HBO cast Sarah Jessica Parker in new divorce comedy

In fact, HBO was desperate when the network made the monumental casting decision concerning its new comedy DIVORCE. By now, everybody knows about it because the network has cast one of its biggest former show-stoppers – Sarah Jessica Parker  – in the lead role.
Parker, obviously, used to star in the mega hit show Sex and the City a decade ago and since then has largely been living in obscurity doing odd projects here and there while living a domesticated (and boring) existence with her husband and three children in Manhattan and sometimes, the Hamptons.
HBO doesn’t really need the ratings the new show will likely get – at least in the debut – given the success of shows like Game of Thrones which are big hits for the network. But Parker needed the show badly. And why? Because she was afraid that she was morphing into a “desperate housewife” in a very literal sense complete with her very own Jessie Metcalf and all.
This is the real reason that HBO cast Jessica Parker. It was a favor to an old friend to save her from herself; an intervention of sorts. And, on top of that, rumor has it that Sarah also probably needed the money. You would be surprised what 10 years without a steady pay check can do to a person’s bank account.