Divorce & the midlife crisis: Why are men more susceptible?

Apparently, men are more likely to have a midlife crisis which is causally linked to their divorce. Why is this? Do you have a clue? The strange thing is that women are just as likely as men to suffer a midlife crisis but the likelihood that it will lead to a divorce is less acute for women than it is for men.  This is not making sense and suggests that maybe the crisis is not the real reason for the divorce.
Some studies show, for example, that men who suffer a midlife crisis are more likely to have extra-marital affairs which subsequently leads to divorce. (Women are less inclined to cheat even when suffering from a midlife crisis). What is not so clear is whether it is the crisis that leads to the cheating or the cheating that leads to the crisis. Do they cheat because they are in crisis? Or are they in crisis because they cheated?
Or is this crisis thing all just a big fat excuse? Do men use the midlife crisis as an excuse for bad behaviors like cheating which does seem inexorably to lead to divorce? Is the midlife crisis a misnomer? Is it even real? Is the problem really that they behaved badly and are more inclined to behave badly which increases therefore the odds of divorce?