NEW YORK: Bronx woman Liana Barrientos facing felony charges for failure to get divorced

Bronx, New York 2015: Poor Liana Barrientos woke up one fine morning in her Bronx condominium to discover that she was in deep, unflushable dog poop on account of the fact that she did not get enough divorces for her numerous marriages. You see, according to prosecutors in the state, Ms Barrientos is a marrying type of a gal who has been hitched nearly a dozen times but she has had roughly only three divorces. This mathematical and statistical indiscrepancy is the exact reason why she is facing felony charges according to news reports coming out of New York state.
One report suggests that Ms Barrientos was not exactly marrying for love; it seems the state’s immigration department is involved somehow in the story so it is conceivable these marriages had something to do with greencards, although that has not been conclusively proven.
Nobody wants to judge Ms Barrientos but it boggles the mind what she was thinking. Sure, marry for greencards; marry for whatever reason you want. But did she really think she could take out multiple marriage licenses in one year and further, proceed to have all these husbands and that no one would be the wiser? Did she not analyse this before she acted? Did she not do her calculus? How difficult was it to divorce one guy before marrying the next one especially since now New York is no fault?