To consciously uncouple or straight up get divorced: which is better?

Do you think that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s divorce was less painful just because they took the long scenic route rather than just rip off the band aid and got on with it? I doubt it.
To tell you the truth, they had me going with this conscious uncoupling thing for a whole year. You see, I am a huge fan of Gwyneth’s (I still love her and wish her the best) and I convinced myself, that after such a long and drawn out rupture, that they must still be in love, that they must still be sleeping together and that any day the divorce would be called off and they would renew their vows instead. I was convinced of it. So much so that when I learned this week that they had finalized their divorce, I actually felt betrayed. I felt like they had played with my emotions (as if they owed me any darned explanations about their personal business) and I wanted to lash out at someone to assuage my grief over the end of the Paltrow-Martin marriage.
But is the grief really on them? I find it difficult to believe, given that the divorce was really happening under all that public display of affection, that this was not one of the most painful things Gwyneth in particular has had to endure. I say her in particular because she is the one who seems to have gone extreme lengths to make it appear that all was well in paradise. This was not true. All was not well and so, to me, this must have added to her distress and anguish in private when nobody was watching.
Wouldn’t it have been better therefore to simply rip off the band aid and send him on his merry way into Jennifer Lawrence’s pants if that is what he clearly wanted rather than try to present this united public front in all these romantic getaways in the Caribbean? Didn’t she just cause herself more grief than necessary by doing that?
With all due respect to the ideal of ¬†“conscious uncoupling” I think it is hogwash. The fact that two people are at that point in the relationship means that it is just over. Admit it, I say and move on. Do not try to prolong the inevitable! To prove what? That you don’t hate each other? If you don’t hate each other, that will be proven over time in a natural and organic way. You don’t have to go on all these holidays all over the world trying to give the world one impression when the truth is something totally inverse. If the marriage didn’t work, it didn’t work. Just let go. Just move on. Now, the whole past year, in retrospect, is just weird in my opinion.
I think maybe Gwyneth thought by doing it this way it would lessen the pain. Did it? I doubt it. I think it just hurt for longer. It is like a boo boo that you cover with a sticking plaster. The only way to lessen the pain of removing that thing in order to put on a new one, is to rip that son of a bitch off.
Am I right or wrong?