Is NBC secretly plotting to divorce Brian Williams?

Poor, hot, damned & debonair Brian Williams, the NBC Nightly News host who cast himself into his own self-created state of emergency, could very well find himself  “divorced” from NBC before the year is out.
Poor guy.
Mr Williams has vowed to contest any such eventuality; he is quoted as saying that he will “not go down without a fight,” and promises to go nuclear if necessary should there be a divorce proclamation from NBC.
NBC, meanwhile, is downplaying the whole thing in an obvious effort to shield its intentions from prying eyes and blades of grass while its honchos sort out its litigation strategy if things should come to a nasty head with Mr Williams and his pitbull attorneys.
This divorce, obviously, should it happen, would not shock anyone. Not a single soul, not even Kathie Lee Gifford, would bat an eyelash when and if the announcement is made that these two “spouses” decide to go their separate ways.
The unraveling of this relationship began from the very beginning. It seems, according to some reports, Brian has had a predilection for truth-stretching from morning. That is, he was prone to little white lies since, like, forever, to bolster his newscasts (a fault NBC was probably aware of prior to signing a contract with Mr. Williams) but, as is apt to happen in the honeymoon phase, NBC ignored the red flags.  Now, these little white lies have mushroomed into big black ugly ones that have begun to sully the reputation of NBC and its nightly newscast! Case in point, the one Mr Williams allegedly told (the biggest blackest whopper of all) that got him suspended in February. Something about being shot at by enemy fire during a skirmish in the Mahgreb.
Before anyone knew it, a huge backlash from the public ensued and NBC was unable to sweep Brian’s  indiscretions under the rug.  The relationship began to take in water as a result of public outcry and now NBC is looking to pull a Katie Holmes to save its own face.  They are looking for the best, most quiet way to exit without bringing too much additional and unwanted attention to themself. The New York Post:

Williams was suspended in February without pay until August after he claimed — in an apparent attempt to beef up his war zone bona fides — to have been on an aircraft that took enemy fire. That claim was later shot down.

NBC has been trying to move on with a new guy, Lester Holt, according to the Post but the new guy is not as popular as the guy on ABC:

Lester Holt has hosted “NBC Nightly News” in Williams’ absence. Without a doubt, there is an increasing urgency within NBCUniversal management ranks to bring the prickly situation to an end. “ABC World News Tonight,” hosted by David Muir, said Tuesday that for the last four weeks it led “NBC Nightly News” in total viewers — the first time that has happened in years.

Mr Williams and NBC have an airtight contract (a prenup of sorts) and so there are certain minimum rights and duties that both parties have towards each other. It is left to be seen if one or both parties move to set aside the prenup on a technicality. One is left to speculate if there is a “white lies” clause in that premarital agreement.