Caitlyn "Bruce" Jenner's Vanity Fair spread: He blames Kris for the divorce!

First of all, I have been slightly speechless about the Bruce Jenner story. I am not exactly sure why but it left me without words. I guess you could say I was nonplussed. But then I saw his Vanity Fair cover shot and I thought, “oh my god, he is actually beautiful and looks totally like a woman with the most perfect little perky little breasts I have ever seen!” And look at the tiny, tight little waist! OMG. It kinda makes me feel like I am in the twilight zone. What’s really going on in this place?
And then, I read in the New York Post that he blames his ex wife Kris Jenner, not the gender issues for the divorce. And I thought, “omg, can a woman drive her husband to become a woman? Can she hen peck him to the point that he gets his penis chopped off?!” This obviously was a callous, uncouth thought. But it was my first thought. I have to be honest. And the thought has not completely gone away. Did Bruce do this because he is angry with how Kris treated him? Is this a deep psychological implosion due to bad treatment for 23 years? Yes, of course he had gender issues for years. He was on the border. Things were fragile. But to go this far, to do this, something had to push him to do this. The divorce, therefore, was the only logical end, but the sex change operation, this was more than just him needing to be “her.” This was also a way to get back at Kris for all the years of bad treatment and emasculation. And it is a cautionary tale. Because even if Bruce had these struggles with his gender, I bet if, in his mind, he thought Kris was a “nicer” “kinder” wife, he would have thought twice about doing this and then, they probably wouldn’t be divorced. So it tells me that wives need to be very careful and to treat their husbands well. Do not emasculate him lest he does what Caitlyn Bruce Jenner has done.