Jennifer Garner was strategic about divorcing Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s divorce announcement did not surprise me at all. Call me a cynic but I was never fully persuaded tha he was madly head over heals in love with her. He never even lusted for her. For those two emotions, check out Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez respectively. Ben loved Gwyneth and he lusted after J.Lo. Garner? My sense is that he deemed her good enough to be the mother of his children and there was enough of an attraction  there for him to settle for “good enough.” Nothing explosive and scandalous. Nothing heart pumping and forbidden. It did. It passed. And Jen knew. But she accepted it because face it he was a big catch and she could have done a lot worse and not a whole lot better. But she strategized and she got the ring and she gave him three babies and hoped for the best. And she got to the pivotal 10 year mark. This is huge. She is owed serious congratulations for getting ten years out of it even though he let everybody know how much “work” it was during his Oscar speech for Argo. She could not have been hugely thrilled about that but she never lost her poise.
Jen is no fool. In California, spouses who remain married ten years or more are given special treatment by the courts. They get more alimony, for longer, for starters. Because they are “long term” spouses. So Jen will get spousal support for a very long time from Ben since he obviously made more than she did and they remained married ten years and a day. It is remarkable, if not sinister, that Jen waited exactly one day past their ten year anniversary to cut ties with the former Mr. J.Lo. It is like she was just holding her breath, biting her tongue, and just waiting. Isn’t it? Not that she didn’t try to make it work in the meantime. But she was biding her time, this is clear.
The couple did have a prenup, apparently. And they have three kids to coparent. But make no mistake: Jen is gonna get her  money because she was so bloody strategic about the whole thing. Let’s raise our glasses to this strategizing sister for showing us all how it’s supposed to be done.