Halle Berry Getting Divorced…Again

She did it again. She married again. And she is getting divorced again. And she has to deal with this child support/child custody mess again and I am very angry with this girl. I am very angry with Halle. I wasn’t even going to blog about this. I was just going to ignore it. Like, it’s embarassing already. You know? But then again, this is a divorce blog. So we talk about divorce here. So here I am. I am talking about it.
This guy was supposed to be “the one.” That is what she said. But I will tell you this, the hand writing was on the wall when he mauled her ex boyfriend Gabriel whatever his last name is. When he mauled Gabriel, I knew Halle was in very, very deep you know what with this guy. That level of rage is not normal. That level of rage becomes domestic violence in no time flat. Not saying this is what happened, but it is quite possible.
What are the stakes here? Well, she is going to be paying this guy through the nose. Just like the first guy. She has two kids with two different guys. You can’t call them gold diggers because men are not that. But they are going to be getting a lot of gold from this girl. It would have been cheaper to just have the two kids with one guy. She is going to be impoverished with her bad judgment and bad décisions. That girl has very, very bad judgement when it comes to men. It just makes me angry. Because it is not that I don’t understand about having bad judgment. I do. I have it. But it is the fact that she never stops. She keeps at it; she keeps repeating the same mistakes; she keeps fucking up her life. This makes me very, very angry with this girl.
So he, Olivier Martinez, wants child support and spousal support. She is going to have to pay. And this time, I actually don’t care. She deserves this. Halle deserves this. Eventually, maybe she will wise up and learn her lesson. It’s like enough already, Halle.